Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Will Never Lose My Knife In The Barn Again

Last week I lost my barn knife.  Normally, it is slid in between the siding and a frame board in the aisleway of our barn - right next to the scissors.  I am a real bug about making sure everything in the barn has a place and is put back there after every use.  Usually I am very good about the scissors and the knife - putting them back the minute I cut open a bale of hay or a bag of sawdust.

Well my mind was on about 100 things and when I was cutting hay I simply stuck it into the bale next to it so I could throw hay to the horse nearby in the run-in stall.  The next time I went to get the knife I felt my stomach sink as I walked to the spot where I normally keep it and saw it wasn't there.  Since it's actually a sharp kitchen knife I paniced - thinking it was in the bedding in one of my horses stalls and that they would cut themselves up on it . . . . .  I searched frantically and thank heaven, I found it stuck in a bale of hay. 

That will be the last time the knife gets lost.  I tied a blue bandana on it.  Know, even if I'm careless and leave it lying somewhere I'll be able to find it.

This just goes to show you that even when you are careful you can be careless and this is when accidents happen and horses (or yourself) get hurt,

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