Thursday, January 16, 2014

Be Careful For What You Wish For - The Neverending Winter

I wished for this: winter.  Last fall, my friends who know I'm not fond of winter, thought I was crazy when I kept saying I was looking forward to winter . . . .  My reason was so I wouldn't feel like there were still things to paint: fence, gates, etc., and weeds to pull in the hay fields and pastures.

"I'm going to clean (my house) and read," I said. 

Well, I got what I wished for early when around the 5th of November we got our first snow- not hat unusual for Michigan.  What was, was that it didn't go away.  And now we are some 3 months later and we are already at 69 inches of snow for the season (this is usually what we get the entire winter).

I did pretty well with all of this snow, days of sub-zero temps and winds, until I couldn't ride.  We don't have an indoor . . . .and I'm usually pretty dedicated about outdoor winter riding as long as the footing is OK and it's at least in the mid-20s.  Well the two feet of snow we got in early January, followed by a brief thaw and an inch of rain pretty well ruined the footing . . . . probably until spring.

Anyhow, next time . . . I will think twice about wishing for winter!