Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reactions To Vaccines

I urge anyone who has had a horse react from their vaccines to take the related survey at

Once again, despite splitting up my horses’ vaccines and having half done in one visit and the rest in a second visit two weeks later, my horses had reactions.  Two of the horses had snotty noses and stopped eating.  The third, stocked up on her hind legs for 3-4 days.

Again, I have looked over recent information put out by various equine health organizations and veterinarians regarding the side-affects of vaccines.  Most claim reactions are rare, however, I suspect otherwise.  Either the combination of multiple serums into one shot is the reason for the number of times I have had horses react, or it’s the carrier in the vaccine.

Last year I heard of many other horse owners having horses react, yet it appears that the drug companies have not done anything to change their vaccines.

The results of this survey will be presented by Good Horsekeeping to both the vaccine manufacturers and to the pertinent equine veterinarian organizations.  In addition to taking part in the survey, you can also email me at