Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just Because You Can Own A Stallion Doesn’t Mean You Should

I have been amazed at the number of stallions that have shown up this year at one of the discipline association circuits I show with . . .  

In recent years the number of stallions being shown has been low, mostly due to the sluggish horse economy and breeding.  I felt this wasn’t a bad thing as the stallions still being shown and promoted for the most part were good representations of their breed and were trained well and handled by experienced horsemen and women.

I’ve had to be somewhat amused to see so many (12 to be exact) at one of our state shows . . I’m assuming this is because there had been one or none in these classes . . . so anyone who had a stallion thought they could come and clean the division up.  It, however, became less amusing to see that for the most part these horses should not be kept stallions, nor should the people handling them own a stallion.

For the sake of everyone I wish people would use their heads.  Just because you CAN own a stallion, doesn’t mean you should.  

The only reason to keep a horse a stallion is for credible breeding purposes.  By credible I mean the stallion represents the breed well, has no unsoundnesses or vices, and there is a demand for his bloodlines.  In addition, it is only a service to our industry if the animal is trained properly and handled in a professional manner. 

Please share this with anyone you know who is thinking it is “cool” to have a stallion.  It will be safer for all of us and better for our horse industry . . . .