Friday, February 8, 2013

Proposed Gas Tax Increase Will Be Bad For Michgan's Horse Industry

As if the horse industry in our state hasn't taken a big enough hit between our high unemployment, and last year's drought and hay shortage . . . .now our governor is talking about increasing the tax on gasoline by 35 cents.  That's a lot.  And while I agree that our state needs to find some extra funding to help repair our terrible roads, the gas tax will really hurt the horse industry.

Already people here are struggling to keep their horses - either from suffering a downsize in their income, or the increase in feed costs . .  .  .and for may- it's both.

The gas tax will not only affect the cost of hay next year, but will also affect many who show.  We're already seeing fewer people willing to haul to shows more then one-hour from their home.  Adding 35 cents to a gallon will make it even tougher to justify traveling to very many out-of-town equine evemts.

I urge everyone to contact their state representative and tell them this increase will hurt both the horse industry and our state's ag community.

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