Monday, January 28, 2013

January Thaw Can Be a Horseowner's Nightmare

While it always seems nice to hear of a 60 degree day in the middle of winter, most longtime horseowners (especially those who keep their own horses) will tell you its a nightmare.  Mud and wet coats (which lend itself ti cases of rain rot, etc.) are some of the problem . . . .  Even worse is the swing in temperatures, which can be tough for horses with arthritis and can throw mares off with their cycles.

I would just as soon have it stay in the 20s then this.  We spent the weekend cleaning up our hay barn so the area I have to either hand walk our horses, or to ride a small circle, is larger.  By the end of the week when temps drop back into the teens - this will be the only option for working horses around here.  Cement hard ground outside (which it will be after all of this rain and then a 40 degree temperature drop) is a sure recipe for sore feet . . . and a good reason to think more about building an indoor arena.

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