Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two more shows this year . . .

It's decided, I'm only showing two more shows this year.  When I look at the finances of what I spent to show four shows, so far this year, and what was received in awards, etc. I cannot justify spending anymore money on this very, very expensive hobby. . . .

Yes, I really don't need anymore ribbons or trophies, but when I look at the pile of 50 cent ribbons given out at the breed and discipline association shows I competed at this year, I can truly say it was not worth the $700  I spent in entry fees, office fees, drug-testing fees, stalls and camping. 

I know how much ribbons and trophies cost, as I have ordered them for several groups I've been involved with, and I'm going to say for everyone to read:  give your competitors something they can show for their hard dollars spent.

I still can't believe that we put up with not getting a trophy or something equivalent for a first place.  My pledge to everyone reading this, who feels the same way, is to say something to the organizers of the groups you show with.  Don't just decide to not show their shows; tell them why.

And for those of you who may not see me at the shows this fall - consider this my public way of telling you why . . . . you need to make sure that you take care of your competitors so that they come back and show again and again.  It's not about sitting around at a board meeting and bragging about how may new members you have and what you have in the club's bank account.  I've showed with many groups that did such things and are no longer around.

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